Spirit Specific: Community continues to remember Lorena La Grassa

11892069_1112597235424976_8202090912639199509_nCommunity continues to remember Lorena La Grassa, our hearts and prayers are with her children and their father Derek who stuck by Lorena and the family.

“I am so very sorry to hear this sad news! Lorena was such a sweet, dedicated and creative woman. I worked with her when I was Managing of Luna Stage, during the transition-time when the company became part of The Valley Arts District and her serious commitment to the arts was truly beautiful to behold. My deepest sympathy to her family – especially her children.” – Mona Henessey

“A warm, wonderful, hard-working woman who always saw the potential in everything and everyone. I wish her and her family peace during this time…..” – Teresa DeFabrizio

“I am do saddened by this. What a beautiful and peaceful spirit. I have a beautiful painting that Lorena gave to me a few years ago and she told me she painted it just for me. I have it displayed where I see it every day. My sincere condolences to her family.” – Karen Wells

“This is very sad news. Lorena La Grassa was one of the loveliest individuals to grace our community.” – Tony Johnson 20617_10207191149081046_1166789848000524301_n

“RIP Lorena, a dear, sweet creative spirit.  She put her heart and soul into curating shows and supporting local artists.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and children.” – Lisa G Westheimer

“So sad to hear the news. Lorena was an amazing artist herself, and dedicated advocate for other artists. Her passion and vision for Valley Arts was unsurpassed. I hope we can have a gathering in the Valley to share our memories. RIP Lorena!” – Gayle Mahoney

“What a gracious, creative, and generous spirit we’ve lost in LorenaLorena pushed herself and everyone she worked with to do our best work, and was never one to accept limitations.  She put together some amazing exhibits and programs while she was in the Valley, You couldn’t say “no” to Lorena.  I’m still trying to figure out how she talked me into doing performance art. Let’s remember Lorena every day by doing what we can to make the Valley more beautiful and welcoming.  Try a new medium.  Mentor a kid.  Invite a new neighbor over for a glass of wine or some nice pastries.  Organize your block. It’s what Lorena would have done.” – Jody Leight

“Lorena had a deep caring for the vibe of the Valley, and worked tirelessly to achieve the goals she set for encouraging the art growth there. After she moved away, she posted on Facebook that she wanted to knit scarves for her friends, so they should tell her the color they wanted & their address. I didn’t respond, and after a while she said, “Come on, Kathleen, I want to send you one.”  So I said, “Ok, black.” I was thinking it would be a regular knit scarf to wrap around the neck, but why would I think she would make a mundane object? What I received was a beautiful & unique capelet, with wonderful details. Lorena so loved her friends! I will always treasure it.” – Kathleen Heron

“I had the pleasure of knowing Lorena since I taught one of her children.  She was sincere and down to earth, a true inspiration as a mother and a woman. Her beauty has left a mark on this earth and it is a better place because she was a part of it. Rest in peace.”11949411_936322096413652_5779004815696364156_n

The community came together Saturday for ORNG Ink’s Inkalicious to contribute to a mural memorializing our friend and artist:




IMG_6167 IMG_6166 IMG_6165 IMG_6164 IMG_6163 IMG_6162 IMG_6161 IMG_6159



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