Masconsumption Media is a multi-faceted media platform bringing you the culture of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District. Curated by native New Yorker Patricia Rogers, the brand has been the definitive “curator of cool” for the Valley Arts District. Since 2012, Masconsumption has aimed to broadcast the vibrant, and emerging artist community offering events, media services, media educational programs, and overall coverage of the Valley Arts District. This includes Luna Stage theater reviews, event coverage, artist interviews and more.



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  1. Good evening queen.

    I hope everything is well with you. I met you not too long ago when Doug, who works at Oakwood Ave Elementary introduced us. I got a chance to look at your masconsumption blog, and I love it. It’s clean, it’s professional, and most important, it’s New Jersey. We are hosting a Kwanzaa event December 30th. There is already an event page on. FB for it “HiCal Kwanzaa Fest” and you can take a look at our previous events on our website HiCalLife.com . I would love if you would cover our event if you were available. Let me know if that is something you are interested in. I’m always down to build.

    Jared “J Read” Fontaine

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