Live music, Lorena La Grassa Mural, 24-Hour Zine Project & today at ORNG Ink’s Inkalicious Art Party

ORNG Ink presents

Inkalicious Art Party Saturday August 22nd 1-7pm

Join local creative talent for a day of the making of things. ORNG Ink is hosting a party dedicated to collaborative creativity. Anyone with a sense of adventure or an artistic spark is invited to help us make noise, play music, build something and get our collective hands dirty. this is a great place to try something new and is open to all ages and skill level.
Start a drum circle while your kids make instruments. There will be food to eat, plenty to do, and room for your ideas as well. Come celebrate the arts and join our diverse community of doers.


Spirit Specific: ORNG Ink will be producing a mural honoring the life of friend, artist and former ValleyArts director, Lorena La Grassa. Lorena recently passed on after a long fight with cancer, and we invite all of our friends and neighbors to come and lend their creativity and love to this project. There will plenty of room for all to share their prayers, thoughts and memories. The mural will be part of our Inkalicious Art Party. Please share this invitation.

The 24-Hour Masconsumption Zine Project starting at 1:00pm, during ORNG Ink’s Inkalicious Art Party you can design a page for a fun and collaborative online publication! Add photos, writing and art using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator. This project is open to the public, all ages and skill level. The zine created during Inkalicious will be available online Sunday August 23rd at 1:00pm.
Live sets from YWN, Juice, DJ Ann Perkins and more.
Social Justice on display featuring new works by Krystle Lemonias, Khari Johnson-Ricks, Stephen Batiz, Laura Campbell, and other local artists.
Food, refreshments and more.

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  1. Hey Patricia, I am working on a submission – is PDF format OK? 8 1/2 x 11 page size? Let me know if you prefer other dimensions/file format XO Gayle


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