Era Artist Collective



An offset of ORNG Ink, we introduce the Era Artist Collective is a group of artists in various artistic mediums, aimed to engage the community with education, mentorship, event programming and community service.


Briana Heart, photography & video 

Tyree Huey, photography & video 

Nate Verley, music, photography & video

Ray Sykes, music department

Earl Nelson, music department

Marco Dorce, event planning & party promotion

Amonnie Nicholas, visual artist

 Vlad Jean, visual artist 

Patricia Rogers, writer & journalist

Cesar Presa, musician  


Era Artist Collective is located at The Box Company buildings on 355 S Jefferson Street in New Jersey’s Valley Arts District in the city of Orange.


The collective was established in 2015 due to an unexpected move from the Ironworks building on Tompkins Street. In an effort to keep doing our community work we have grown and moved into a new era…


Mostly on volunteer hours we offer services, event programming, workshops and more to raise funds for our new space.


Because we are dope.