Artist, Khari Ricks talks about the meaning behind his new art show, ‘Tatamae Alive’

Tatamae Alive is the combination of two words juxtaposed from different languages. The first “Tatamae” is the Japanese word for the outward appearance of something, the Façade of a situation. This word is often combined in versus with another Japanese word “honne” which means the Underlying factor or the Real thing underneath. And the Second word is Alive which means- to live in English. These two words together means to me and this body of work the Façade of Power and the disconnect between a person and faith. The work challenges the Outward appears of the Fictional Gods and deities and removes there untouchable qualities leaving behind weird animals and creatures that are inadvertently just fun to look at or they take whimsical looking creatures and gives them power and meaning through dark subjects or atmosphere.

RSVP to the event happening this Saturday at ORNG INk, here.


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