Time, by Taiwo Odunowo

Taiwo, 17 
Poetry Contributor
It’s about that time; the moon has reached its apex.
Light is nowhere to be found.
All you can see is darkness, as the shadow of our fear traumatizes us, and piece by piece, it tears away our mortality.
It mocks us, laughs at us as it sits up high and mighty.
Its might is superb, and indeed uncontrollable.
By the time we have been devoured and consumed by it; there would be nowhere to crawl under.
Hope, we will always have, even as fate flash.
We would be left vulnerable and fragile, as we await painlessly for the mercilessly wind to eradicate us from existence in other to form a new generation that’s doomed to endure the same fate as the old.
And so mark mankind worst nightmare: time.

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