Who Did You Meet? [Event Recap]


“Great event. Great vibes. Congrats to LeTrice and her team for putting it all together. We need more events like this!” – Kai Acevado

“Who Did You Meet was dope! it was not your everyday average networking party, Letty implemented new ideas to give this event a whole new feel. I am thankful I was a part of it.” – Q Shepard

I can be super sentimental sometimes but this last event I just can not not help it. The fact that both my twin sister LeTrice and I have gone into media is so cool to me. We both grew up fascinated with the entertainment industry, but it was more than that.

We listened to music together more that watched television. My sister collected hip-hop music magazines like Vibe, and The Source. Posters of Aaliyah, Jay -Z, Nelly and Ja Rule hung on our walls. We listened to Hot 97 probably 24 hours a day, making mix tapes. And when we were not doing that, we were in dance classes, and putting on full productions in our living room. I mean, wardrobe, set list, entrance music and more. Also influenced by our obsession with what used to be WWF and the Attitude era.

In 2011 after she attended college in upstate New York, 2 hours from mine we met with Avery, a fellow media professional from the Bronx. Now five years later after the two worked closely with her as a part of a media group, and writing for Ebro’s blog, Blame Ebro and more. I can not wait to see how far Who Did You Meet? and her career goes!


Who Did You Meet? is a networking event but with a fun, twist to help those find the “right” person to talk to. On Tuesday, September 13th was the first of what is going to be LeTrice’s signature event, held at Grill on the Hill in Harlem, New York City.

I arrived a bit early from the Valley, and was able to enjoy a whiskey bomb – the Tuesday’s drink special- and chicken tenders. Service was good, and the helpful staff at Grill on the Hill made the event run smoothly. Soon, I was joined by the hostess with the most-ess, LeTrice and we got to work to set it all up.


Sitting at the entrance, I enjoyed checking people in as they arrived. It gave me a chance to meet each guest and find out what they did or aspire to do professionally. What made the event unique was the color-coordinated wristbands with a guide. You wore a color based on what field you were in, blue was given out the most (rappers). People were into this idea and it seemed to add a fresh take on the idea of networking.

Who Did I Meet?

  • @luzcarlita_ : event photographer


It was also good to run into people I already know and catch up with them. Being that I am based more in New Jersey I do not get a chance to see a lot people as often as I would like. Of course, Avery Watson who was working the event as, videographer. Also the D.J. Q Shepard goes way back with me and Letrice. He is practically family. He also co-hosts Word of Mouth radio show. I went to high school with Kai Acevado and Trennace who I was glad to see there. They both work in media or work with youth and wanted to support my sister.


There was a lot of love and support in Grill on the Hill. LeTrice and our mother, sister Nakia and her husband Lewis attended. Nakia and Lew brought their friends, party promoters and well known in the new york social scene Niche and Bali Boyer.

All in all it was a good night and great event. Check out photos and recap videos on Who Did You Meet?’s official instagram page: http://www.instagram.com/whodidyoumeet



Written by Patricia Rogers



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