Arts Unbound presents ArtBender: 24 Hours of Creativity May 14-15


Arts Unbound presents ArtBender: 24 Hours of Creativity 

ArtBender is 24 hours of creativity and self-expression, happening in and around The Oranges of NJ. Join your friends and neighbors at creativity hubs, start a communal project in your neighborhood, do some painting or play some music on your front porch or do that project you keep putting off! ArtBender is free and anyone can participate and join the fun.
Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Plan your project, and COMMIT TO STARTING AND FINISHING IT THAT DAY. Make a collage, refinish old furniture or paint a mural.

2. Tell your neighbors what you’re up to and ask them to join in. Be part of the friendly competition to raise funds for Arts Unbound.

3.Join with your friends and neighbors to host a bender, or join one of the public benders around town that weekend.

ArtBender was created by Arts Unbound, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping seniors and people with disabilities develop their careers as artists. For 24 hours, there’ll be various ways to help raise pledges or make a contribution to this great organization. Want to get involved? Make artwork or a pledge, host a bender, or attend the auction!

Visit to get involved.


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