The Interlude Mixtape – by Lusive

Lusive’s new mixtape The Interlude

Make Sure To Keep Your Ears Open and Listen & Stream “The Interlude” by Lusive and
Mixtape Description:
The Interlude is a musical life journey that Lusive was able to reflect on over the past 3 years. He touches on issues and situations such as relationships, living in poverty, being a father, single mothers in the urban neighborhood, and experiences that has helped shape the content of his story-telling and his musicality. From songs like “Ain’t In My Way” “Awareness”, and  “The Past”,  and you can get a feeling of the seesaw events that occurred in his life. We all can relate to rebuilding ourselves to become better at juggling life hardships, moving forward and fulfilling full our purposes. “The Interlude” Is that brief shortcut in life that one must take and learn from in order to get on that chosen path.
Defining:The Interlude
Music A short piece inserted between the parts of a longer composition. Anintervening episode, period, space, etc.
Ain’t In My Way Available On ITunes Spotify Tidal Right Now
Music Video Out On Vevo
Click Here: Soundcloud Link
Ain’t In My Way Music Video

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