The Valley Gala

Read event recap from the 3rd Annual Valley Gala here. #VALLEYGALA2017

Photos from 3rd Annual Valley Gala 

Photographs by Gregory Burrus

Photos from 2nd Annual Valley Gala Photographs by Patrick Hilaire 

3rd Annual Valley Gala 2017 presented by Masconsumption Media

Press Release

Set the scene. 

There is a quiet through the streets of the valley arts district. Fresh into the new year, there’s the calm after the hectic holiday season.  So, what is next? What is it time for? 

The Valley Gala presented by Masconsumption Media. 

The third annual Valley Gala event happens Sunday, January 29, 2017, at the cultural hub of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District, Hat City Kitchen. The Valley Gala is a formal party; one to welcome our vibrant community into a night of fashion, gourmet food, cocktails, and entertainment.

The Valley Gala started in 2015 was inspired by the staple event in the New York City and Hollywood fashion and social scene, The Met Ball. The Valley Gala is the social event of the year where the Valley Arts District community can step out, dress up, party and come together.  The event is open to the entire community, and to all ages.

In 2015, for the first annual, we hosted one hundred guests who enjoyed Andre’ and his band who sang old school party tunes. He also hosts the weekly jam Project Groove, at Hat City Kitchen. André’s set led us into a DJ playing hits from the 1990’s.  Promoting the event included a legendary photo shoot with Mike Reilly. The promotional material stars familiar faces and members of the community. See the photos at http:/// 

In 2016, for the second annual there with even bigger turnout, guests enjoyed tunes provided by Dj Anton3z. A local party promoter who we have worked with us for the Hip-Hop Summer Series at Hat City Kitchen this summer. Gourmet cuisine was provided once again by Jeff Dorch of Dragon of the West 89 and Josh Hewitt of Quiet Fire Catering. Patrick Hilaire was the official photographer capturing the event.

For the third annual event, DJ Anton3z returns. He knows how to cater to his audience and get people on the dance floor. Background music will be songs compiled of local artists and musicians.

He will also be joined by another DJ from New York City. More information to be provided. 

“I loved the way everyone was dressed. The mini chicken and waffles prepared by Jeff Dorch were amazing. I frequent many New York City events and I can see The Valley Gala easily becoming legendary.” – Le’Trice DeShon, New York-based social media consultant, 2015 

For the gourmet food tasting, we are collaborating with Hat City Kitchen chefs Christian Soto and Jeffery Dorch. The two will design a small, custom menu of specially prepared dishes for you all to try. Christian has led the revival of HCK mostly due in part to the new menu and help from Jeff. Both driven by good taste, creativity, and presentation.

The semi-formal dress code is to set this event apart from other events in the valley. There are many “wine and cheese” events, the traditional gallery show presented by ValleyArts, but the Valley Gala is different. Masconsumption Media has been known for bringing to events, a “New York cool” for the community’s young (19-35 years old) and trendy set. The dress code does not mean a gown or tuxedo, more like a stylish take on the formal attire. Be yourself, and comfortable. There will be best-dressed awards given throughout the event.

“The music was my favorite part. It was great to hear new artists and see the evolution of ones I have known and loved. But, also I loved that at any point throughout the entire night, all you could see was smiling faces.” – Donette Shanel, 2015

There will be a photo-booth in the dining room where you can take photographs with props, and against a backdrop. Take home a memory (at least for social media) of the spectacular night with your friends, family, and community. Patrick Hilarie Photography and Gregory Burrus will serve as official event photographers. You can view the Valley Gala photos after the event on following the event. 

There will be lots of champagne provided by a sponsor who will be announced at a later date. We will also be emphasizing current Hat City Kitchen Sunday drink specials and specialty craft beers. There really is a little something for everyone. Hat City Kitchen’s regular food, drink, and dessert menu will be available that night as well. Drink specials will be available for guests through the entire event.

“Looking for great way to start your year with some new and exciting people? The ValleyGala is an exciting event held to ensure you enjoy yourself while connecting with powerful,  engaged folks from all over the Valley and beyond. The Valley Gala is held annually in Hat City Kitchen in the heart of the dramatically growing and friendly environment of the  Valley Arts District of Orange NJ. Most folks consider the Valley Gala run by the Valley Girl, Patricia Rogers,  the culminating event of the past year that allows them to  celebrate and acknowledge their accomplishments with like minded individuals.

At the same time the Valley Gala enables them to initiate and communicate their plans for the coming year with people of similar minds and ambitions.   

While formal in nature ( who doesn’t like dressing up? ), the Valley Gala is designed as a night of fun, many meets and greets, with introductions to many trend setters and movers involved in the growth of the Valley and beyond. Sponsors, volunteers, attendees, patrons get to know whose doing what while dancing the night away. Highly recommend folks come on out as you are guaranteed to leave with a captured memory of the night, energized and ready to move your goals to the next level and feel great for attending the Valley Gala.” – Gregory Burrus, marketing and photography 2016

Event Schedule:

Valley Gala 2017 Press Release                            October 2016

Pre-Sale Tickets available online December 1

st 2016

Promotion Media releases                             November 2016

The 3rd Annual Valley Gala at Hat City Kitchen January 29th, 2017 

Doors open at 7:00pm

Food Tasting & Talk with the Chefs 7:00-7:45pm 


Music by Q. Shepard                                          7:00-9:00pm

Music by DJ Anton3z 9:00pm-12:00am

Hat City Kitchen has always been a partner and supporter of Masconsumption Media. We have hosted the first Valley Gala, a hip-hop showcase, and two brunches at the bar/restaurant/live music venue. Founded in 2010, Hat City Kitchen has been the gathering place and home to local arts, music and community events. The Valley Gala will take place at the bar and in the intimate lounge area with a stage and dance floor. In the dining room is where the photo booth will be up for a limited time. Go to for more information on live music, orbiting art gallery, food, drinks, and schedule of events. 

New Jersey’s Valley Arts District is an artist community located on the border of Orange and West Orange. In the 15-block radius is a vibrant neighborhood of creativity, innovation, music, art and more. The next up and coming trendy ‘hood is replacing over-priced Brooklyn as a destination for the creative doer. Located on the Highland Avenue train station, thirty minutes from New York City’s Penn Station. Home to Luna Stage Theater, Arts Unbound, Firehouse Gallery, and more. Go to for more information.

“The word gala has a whole new attitude in the valley neighbor hood thanks to Patricia and MasConsumption. I loved the energy and the vibe of the night as I entered Hat City Kitchen last year. I knew I wasn’t attending just another fancy dressed party. I expected the night’s atmosphere to match the PatnKat/MasConsumption personality: sleek, chic, dress to impress gathering that brought back a union of upbeat, exciting, creative, outgoing socials together in one inspiring place. The food, the music, and the citizens near to Orange, as well as far as New York City, makes the Valley gala a night to remember and revisit this year.” –Seindole Mawolo, fitness blogger

Those who, for some reason, cannot attend the event can still support Masconsumption Media and our partner nonprofit organizations by going to  or contacting Patricia Rogers,      

You can purchase tickets online, due to the intimate setting of the lounge area at Hat City Kitchen; there is limited standing and seating room. There will be some tickets sold at the door, but it is strongly recommended you purchase a ticket or RSVP at  .The ticket gets you access to the drink specials, gourmet food tasting and the photo-booth all happening between 7:00pm and 8:30pm. 

Masconsumption Media is a multi-faceted media communications platform bringing you the culture of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District. Since 2012, we have aimed to broadcast the vibrant, and emerging artist community offering events, zine (print & online), media educational programs, for all ages and more.

The media organization started as a collaborative effort with ORNG Ink, and as a way to promote local artists. We are always looking to feature musicians, artists, and collaborate with organizations, groups, small businesses and individual brands. Submit to the artist spotlight, Masconsumption Quiz, What We Love, and more blog features. Go to or contact Patricia Rogers, for more information. 

Patricia Rogers is a 26 year old writer, journalist and overall creator who has served in this community since 2011. Starting as an AmeriCorps VISTA at HANDS, Inc. and has gone on to become a social influencer, and community activist. She works as a freelance writer and blogger with Jersey Indie, and other local organizations. In addition to producing this event she is a Community Listening Fellow with The HUUB. She offers media services, contact her for more information Masconsumption Media

355 S Jefferson Street Orange, New Jersey 07050 

Patricia Rogers, writer/blogger

#ValleyGirlNJ @valleygirl_NJ



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