App of the Moment: SnapChat


Most of my friends laugh at me because I am the latest to join Snap, and the probably the most addicted to it. (My points are still low though). I strongly believe that this is the ultimate app right now that will change everything!

What We Love About Snap Chat:

  • Live and in the moment : I have to also admit that I sometimes put myself in situations so that I can upload what I consider an interesting snap. I also get excited when I have some place to go so that I can record it on snap.
  • The thrill of the 24-Hour Story : Because what you upload or “story” is only up for 24 hours, for me it makes me want to record more to capture the moment. More so at parties and special events. I also want to watch my friend’s stories, especially when I was with them in the videos.
  • Watching friends in “candid” moments & a fun way to keep in touch with friends : I have a busy schedule and with my hours I barely get to spend any real quality time with some of my dearest friends. But with Snap I see what they do everyday, and their face and hear their voices. It is not the most ideal or conventional way to maintain relationships but it is 2016 and I am a millennial!
  • Saving stories, photos and videos to your phone  : One feature, I learned was recently added, is the ability to use the Snap Chat camera and save photos and videos you record on your phone. I, like a lot of other users opt to use the camera in this app as opposed to one on their phones!
  • Geographical, holiday and commercial filters on photos and video : Before you upload to your story or send a snap to your friends you can swipe through to use speciality filters. For example on New Year’s Eve there was a variety of celebration images to choose from. There are four different filters to put on photos as well as video options. I personally like to speed videos up, I just think it is fun.
  • And lastly the best thing, BEST CAMERA EVER!

I must admit I have mixed feelings getting into another social media application. I am already pretty much obsessed with instagram already and have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I think old people ruined it for me. But anyways, follow me on Snap Chat zine_editor and drop yours below and I’ll follow you!

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