A Note From the Editor: We Are Back!

Your Life, Your Art blog


I hope that everyone has had an equally as interesting and unpredictable summer as I did. With life and going through your twenties comes lessons usually learned the hard way. As a writer I take all obstacles as opportunities to grow. And with that being said, I am more inspired now than I have ever been. Time is too short and there is no more time for “I am going do this” or “I want to do this”. It is time for action.


This summer, myself and my team took a hiatus from the zine and event production. On a personal note, it was time to take a break and to regroup. Or more like re-imagine. I spent a lot of time riding my bike Dean, and getting that quality time in with my family. However, as you guys know, I am never one that can truly take a break from projects. In the last three or so months I have been putting everything into a book project that I am really excited about.

All of my work, of course is about growing with the Valley Arts District and to increase exposure, visitor-ship and to have fun! I am fortunate enough to be a valued member of the community and hope to continue to be a part of it. With that said it is time to jump back into things, I miss it!

The next zine issue release is to be determined. Things to look forward to: another fabulous brunch event & panel. For now, follow @masconsumption and stay tuned!

Love Always, P.R.

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