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MEET THE CHEF : Diamond Wyche

To be honest I have my foot in a few different spots. My day job I’m an administrative assistant in the catering department at WPU so I’m learning the business aspect that goes into the culinary world. Ultimately I want to make my cheesecake business a success. Everything I’m learning in different locations, playing different positions is all apart of a plan for the growth of my own business.

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What made me want to be a Chef is kinda interesting. Actually, I always loved cooking so that was always fun.  Now, just wanting to see if everyone else enjoyed the way I put things together is the main reason I cook.  Just  seeing happy faces eating something I created.

Read full interview on Britt Bites 

Both Jeff Dorch and Diamond will be featured chefs at next month’s The Takeover Networking Event. And I can not wait to stay tuned to  the menu on Britt Bites!

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