I have known Vlad for years and he is still impressing me with his work. With so many upcoming events I am planning I need to make sure that all the promotional material is dope! I can count on Vlad to do just that, produce dope flyers. When it came time for the Networking Event I reached out to Vlad with no real concept in mind. When working with the artists I like to give them as much creative freedom as possible, you know let them do their thing. Vlad, however, asks for a reference photo and I sent him one and this is the finished product:

takeover-flyer-final vr-2

I love it! And I also love how he was able to incorporate myself on the top! What an honor.

The Takeover Networking Event goes down Monday, May 16, 16 at the Firehouse Gallery. Don’t forget to RSVP, seating is limited. Go to http://www.masconsumption.com/takeover for more information.

He has also designed the flyer for World Fellowship Center’s Fun Night Fundraiser which I think really captured the nature and dreamy feeling we all get when we visit WFC in New Hampshire.


And then there was the art direction for Unearthing the Future, Reverse Archeology, I-280 in Orange. I think he did a good job of showing how the people are affected by reverse archeology.


Written by Patricia Rogers


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