In the SPRING issue: Meet the Featured Artists!

The best part of my job is discovering talented artists, and giving them a place to promote themselves. Here are some of the artists that were featured in the Spring issue:

Capital Ode & Mouse Sucks & Shawn K.: Two Boob Theory Q&A pg 9

Describe your chemistry in  3 words? 

“smooth. Its groovy. Its mad sexual. I do say sexual all the time. When I say sexual I mean it feels ultra good. I have been in a lot of different performing situations, I played a lot of shows, i am happy to say Ive played over 200 shows, Ive had some fun nights, wit this being just a starting point it feels more powerful then when my other projects ended.” -Shawn K.

Philippe Garcesto: Love in the Time of Aurora poem, pg 24 of the lifestyle section.

Phillip recently hosted the 2nd annual StarFactory Community Poetry & Spoken Word event at Hat City Kitchen

Anj Ferrara: Clay From the River artist statement, pg 10

Paint came from clay. Clay heals. The paintings in Clay from the River were inspired by an especially clay-filled river bed in an especially magical place — a place that I revisit in my mind time and time again.”

Check out the new revamped,

Amonnie Nicholas: art submission pg 9


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