Molly’s Favorite Things in the Valley | Winter 2013 zine

One of my favorite stories in the Winter 2013 zine issue is “Molly’s Favorite Things in the Valley” in the lifestyle section of the zine. Molly was the first person to introduced me to the beautiful Valley Arts District, so it was only right she showed the world some of her things that make it a special place.

Visit some of the places mentioned:

Mazzi Dogs: 555 Valley Road, West Orange, NJ
-You can see Freddy Krueger and the Robot sculptures in the side yard of ORNG Ink Studio: 406 Tompkins Street, Orange NJ
-Ladies, visit the mirror in the Lady’s room of Hat City Kitchen to see everything you’ve ever seen.
-The Rahway River between Tompkins & South Jefferson Street

The talented, Gamal Jones did the amazing illustrations on the page. Look at it all in the gallery.


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