New Yorkers, this is how you get to the Valley Arts District via public transportation

Hello my fellow New Yorkers,

NEW JERSEY is not that far, especially the Valley Arts District. It is relatively easy to get to via public transportation, even more so if you like a good adventure.

Take the New Jersey Transit train from 34th Street Penn Station, tracks are close to Seventh Avenue entrance of Penn Station.

There is a direct train that leaves you in the Valley Arts District, Highland Avenue Station at 7:11pm.

You arrive at Highland Ave at 8:00pm.

I can pick you guys up at the station. It is a short walk to Hat City Kitchen. After that there is a 9:11pm & 11:11pm direct to Highland Avenue.

Tickets are $13.50 round trip. Here are the alternate train schedule times that take you directly back to 34th Street Penn Station: 8:01pm, 10:01pm, 12:00am

2014-11-09 - The Valley Gala - 001

The Valley Gala ends at 11:pm but Hat City Kitchen is fun, DJ K Spin will play till people are tired of partying, and drinks are good. The last train to New York City is 12:00am. If you catch the 7:11pm, that leaves you lots of time to party and easy way home. See you all the Gala! RSVP here:

If you have any questions contact Patricia or Kat, 917-428-3374

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