It’s that time of year again!

The 15th Annual Community Leadership Awards: A Just and Beautiful City will honor community leaders and organizations driving Orange’s renaissance.

A Call for Nominations — To make the event a success, we are asking for your nominations. Know remarkable individuals, businesses, organizations, or a community leader who use their skills, creativity and passion to make our cities beautiful and equitable?

HANDS success in creating great neighborhoods depends on the extraordinary work of committed individuals and organizations that confront societal or civic issues, address health or environmental concerns, or promote arts and humanities.

General Award Criteria:
1. A nominated organization can be large or small, incorporated or unincorporated, church, a committee, a sorority, a union local, block association, etc.

2. Leaders who inspire, motivate, and bring people together to solve problems.

3. A person or group that has had significant impact on our community.

4. A role model – individual or group.

5. Long-standing service to the community.

6. Service, commitment and dedication above and beyond the norm to the world around them.

Do you have someone in mind? Complete this form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1N4DDnqScPGStHKk0V8GpBaBfkuzn-Rp5eSsh_GICSI4/viewform?usp=send_form

Nomination deadline: Tuesday, September 30


HANDS, Inc. is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1986 to ensure that the neighborhoods in and around Orange, NJ remain good places to raise a family. Our vision is for Orange, NJ to be “the urban village of the 21st Century – A Just and Beautiful City.” Imagine a city where you can: raise a family, enjoy a friendly neighborhood, participate in local culture, and pursue your educational or career dreams, regardless of wealth or status. HANDS aspires to help lead in creating that vision by revitalizing neighborhoods and creating spaces for arts, culture, business, recreation and learning. We create and execute that vision in partnership with the citizens and stakeholders of this city.


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