Sunday morning during brunch at Hat City Kitchen, the manager, Mark Lyons and I were having an interesting conversation. He was able to stop by Ironworks to see how the fundraiser/block party was going. He said he noticed Mike Reilly on the side yard taking polaroids and said he was impressed with him. I started to really listen more because my boss is not easily impressed. He said he noticed that once Mike Reilly became involved in the community, he really committed. He has raw talent, passion and really down to do anything. He is a valued addition to the district. I was honored to work with him for the Music Issue, and have two beautiful polaroid portraits hanging on my bedroom wall. He has worked with almost everyone in the Valley since, Brother Valiant has terrific posters, Peter aka Infinite!, Lusive, Eris Dublin, and more have worked with him. Thank you Mike for your awesomeness! He loves what he does, and hes great at it.

Here is some of his work:

And you can check out more on his portfolio site. http://www.mikereilly.com

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