This past weekend was one filled with love, joy, support, art and of course fashion.

Thursday night, May 8th the much anticipated SPRING 2014 zine release went down. This one in particular was difficult to plan. Let’s just say that it has been a crazy couple months. Things at first seemed to just not come together the way they were supposed to. Monday there was basically no show, and by Thursday with the help of my amazing team we made it happen. SHE., came alive. The rain did not deter any of the fabulous that was the Women’s Issue. Kat Dolly Black hosted the show, her natural talent of engaging an audience and making them have fun was perfect. Slowly, people started to arrive. Front row, guest designers in the show, Kimora Black, Robyn Modest and Chris Martin. Well known hair stylist, Amira Jannah and cover star Amy Grace. After a memorable entrance, and original music by INFINITE! the show was a huge hit. The red carpet runway made the show feel intimate, and the audience were completly engaged in the fashion. Bea David, and Tess Rose returned to strut their stuff on the catwalk. Some of my favorite pieces was the pink Kimora Black shift dress on Amonnie Nicholas, Brittany Craig in the vintage green trousers and velvet crop top. Once Kat showed up, she did her thing. Richard Bryant, director of ValleyArts was also spotted in the front row and we were happy to hear that enjoyed the show. He also said that it was a good lead in to the next big event, Open Orange.

View photos from the show here. Full length video coming soon.

Open Orange, was probably one of the more important exhibits at the Firehouse Gallery. I was able to sneak away from working at Hat City Kitchen to attend the event. As soon as I walked in the door I felt it. There was a feeling in the air of triumph, and  I think everyone in that building felt that this was a huge moment for the Valley, the inc. and all of the artists involved. It was packed, I could barely find my friends Laura Campbell and Mike Mal. After grabbing a glass of white, I found them in the main gallery. The pieces were also amazing. There was so many different types of pieces, and it was nice to see a whole show with a lot of personality. I look forward to seeing more. Congrats to all of the artists in the exhibit including my friend, Mike Reilly.

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