#interndiaries DAY ONE & TWO: Making Connections & NY Burger & Co.

The last couple weeks have been happening so fast. Brad Kahlhamer’s Full of Feathers opened last Friday at Jack Shainman Gallery, and then I started my “gallery sitting” position Tuesday. I am at a point in my life and career where I need to try everything I can to get out there, and network and immerse myself into a world I want to later write about. Although this position is really just me sitting in a room making sure people do not steal or knock anything over, I want to approach it like one and try to get all that I can from the experience.

At the opening, I was standing around the room and I was able to make conversation with some of the “artsy” people who live and work in New York City and frequent these types of openings and events. I saw that a lot of them knew each other and the artist. That is when it hit me that I need to do the same. Meet people, and get exposed to different art, and circles. It was very intriguing and I knew that this gallery sitting job was going to be that first step, even if it was just to meet people.

Luckily, there is a couch that is a part of the Bowery Nation installation and I am able to sit there and greet guests and make sure the art is looked after. I put an email sheet next to me so that people can put their emails there and if I make a connection or they seem interesting to collaborate with or just bring to the Valley, I can further contact them.

I met a guy named, Johnathan who was a fan of the dolls and figurines made of found objects. We talked about connecting art with your life and the things that you are doing. He talked about being a nursing student but wanted to paint. That was where his passion was. Then he found a way to connect the two by making concept maps that were works of art. He introduced me to his blog, http://www.abcmaps.tumblr.com I will do more about his blog later on.

Also, out of boredom I tallied the amount of visitors. This Tuesday: 82 I also did the ultimate new york city gallery thing, I ordered from seamless.com. I had the Chelsea burger from New York Burger Co. Wow, it is so good.

I also met a fan of Brad Kahlhamer’s who had first seen his artwork at a gallery in London. That is really cool. It was almost 10 years ago. And now he was so happy to his work in a gallery in Chelsea, NYC.

So, I am back at the gallery Thursday, let’s see what happens!

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