#INTERNDIARIES DAY THREE: Discovering New Things


DAY THREE: Discovering  New Things!

Number of Visitors: 146

  • Celebrating NYC Cider Week @ Trestle on Tenth! I look forward to trying out new places to eat, pretty much anywhere but especially when I am in Manhattan. I got the chance to eat out for lunch and I could not wait to try a new place. I walk up to 10th avenue and see the the Cider Week sign in the window and wanted to try it out. I opted for the Black Magic Hard Cider which was pretty good, and not too sweet.

  • Meet some of the figurines that are a part of Brad Kahlhamer’s Bowery Nation installation:

  • Then I was able to meet another artist, Albert from Armenia and he shared his work with me that was featured all over the world! There was a little bit of a language barrier, but once he showed me photographs of his work, I was so impressed. I valued the experience because he was an older gentlemen and it seemed like he showed me an old school artist portfolio. Photos printed out and glued on a folder, with his website and email address written in a black marker. It was a good New York experience.
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