Last Night Was Truly Amazing! The ORNG Ink Opening Reception at Hat City Kitchen was a Success!

Since I have been in the Valley, I have planned and gone to many events and the opening reception of this show at ORNG Ink is definitely one of the ones I am most proud of. It was such a joyous moment to bring together all of the amazing work from these artists. As I writing each description about the artists I realized that they have all exhibited their art in great places, and continue to do great things with or without ORNG Ink. The studio has definitely been a home base, and a step in their creative journeys but is good to see that the Valley is only the beginning for them and they plan to go much further in their careers.

It still amazes me sometimes how ORNG INk is still surviving being that we are always struggling just to make ends meet. One would say we do things last minute, or they just do not understand us, and this last event taught me that, that’s ok. The show at Hat City Kitchen does not look like any of the shows that have exhibited before. Each piece is very unique, and we made sure to include bios about the artists, so people could see that this was from the youth in the neighborhood.

The other difference is that these artists are ones that are creating in the Valley, working in the Valley (event at Hat City Kitchen), grew up in the Valley, and want to do what they can to continue to mentor the younger artists here and develop the community. Mark Lyons, the general manager, has been a huge support of what ORNG Ink does for the last year now and when it came to celebrating the opening he went all out. When he suggested wine and cheese we quickly told him that not what we are about, so he hooked us up with some wings, hot dogs, and a veggie plate especially for Laura. Speaking of Laura, last week me and her really did everything we could to ensure the show be a success. She worked her magic gathering pieces from all the artists and curating it in the dining room.

Here are some pictures from the opening reception:





Want to see more? Come to

Hat City Kitchen and enjoy a great meal, good music drinks and art!

Exhibited Artists:

Marco Dorce
Krystle Lemonias
Briana Heart
Laura Campbell
Stephen Batiz
Khari Ricks
Salem Philemon
Mike Mal

The show will be up for 2 weeks…. so you have a little time!

One response to “Last Night Was Truly Amazing! The ORNG Ink Opening Reception at Hat City Kitchen was a Success!

  1. I was so excited about seeing the show! I don’t know the artists as well as I want to, but seeing how much you all love and support one another was wonderful.

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