Weekend Roundup: Shoot Day at Eva’s, & Rewind Vintage Market Place Event

You all probably remember p.r. declaring, “july was officially photo shoot month”. Wow, talk about a busy couple of weeks. First it was last week with shooting the ’86 Charlie’ short film with Marco Dorce, then going on to team up again for the zineTAKEOVER promo shoot and more surprises. Now, the Pat n Kat promo shoot. I wish I could tell you all the other amazing projects we have brewing here in the Valley. Look at some of the behind the scenes pictures, and follow our instagrams for more action! @masConsumption @patnkatstyle Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Portrait of a Lady Runway Show, seats are limited! Check out the facebook event here. 

Then after the shoot Marie David met us in Montclair, NJ for the first annual Market Place event presented by Rewind Vintage & Kadet. I met some cool people. I have been wanting to reach out to the neighboring towns here in North Jersey. Not gonna lie, I was really scouting for the fashion show. I wore two of the pants suits from Rewind Vintage for the promo shoot. Read more about the dope stuff I found there, here.

Tags: eva woolridge, fashion, market place, pat n kat style, photoshoot,

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