Arts Unbound: October Happy Hour and Trunk Show Thursday October 16th featuring works by new artist, Avary Waldron

This next Arts Unbound event covers two of my favorite things, one of a kind stationary and in the spirit of Fall, scarves! On Thursday October 16th at October Happy Hour and Trunk Show, you can get a look at works by new artist, Avary Waldron during the student/teacher exhibit. It all happens at the Arts Unbound Gallery from 5-8pm in the Valley Arts District!


Arts Unbound (AU) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000. We are dedicated to the artistic achievement of individuals living with physical, developmental or mental disabilities. AU empowers the artist as they engage the competitive retail market through our art education classes, workshops and vocational training in the visual arts. Artwork created in group classes or through individual effort is displayed in our gallery for community exhibitions. The proceeds from all sales are divided between the artist and AU. We in turn use those proceeds to further the marketing opportunities for our clients.


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