Black Scale x KRAK! | The Monad!

I am so proud of a good friend of mine, Sherm for finally releasing his beat tape, The Monad. It’s so satisfying after hearing him work on it for months, and months.Take a listen, there’s pure magic.

The first of a trilogy collection, “THE MONAD” embodies what has escaped from music over the years – that feeling. From the intro track to the very last skit, super-producer, KRAK!, takes you through his world as he’s lived it – from darkness to light; from cornerstore raw to cathedral bliss; from hard drums and heavy bass to smooth violins and perfect percussion. KRAK! has created a new genre-bending sound. Allow “THE MONAD” to help you experience it.

“I’ve been working on this project for a while now. It’s finally where it needs to be. I just want people to feel it- not just listen to it. As long as you can feel this shit, I’m happy.” – KRAK!

Black Scale x KRAK! The Monad Mix Download Link

Credit: Black Scale

Tags: beattape, black scale, hwst, krak, mixtape,

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