WHAT WE LOVE: MOO Business Cards


WHAT WE LOVE: MOO Business Cards

Business cards, always something a professional needs. Especially when you are just starting, you want people to be able to get in contact with you after an interaction. Over the years, since I was doing Masconsumption I have had maybe 2 eras of business cards. And to be honest, they sucked. I impulsively took advantage of all the Vista print ads I see online and got way too many of bad business cards. So it had been a couple years since I even had any because my email and other information changed. And even more importantly my role and mission with Masconsumption. I later learned that I was not comfortable getting business cards until I was secure in exactly what I wanted to even do.


And thanks be to God, I am at a point where I am secure in what I have to offer. I finally ordered business cards. I went with Moo. As I liked they advertised unique sizes, etc. I loved the templates and used one that was very individual to me floral print. And on the back, I was able to fit my logo which printed in good quality and placement. Whenever I run out of these I am going to order the same design which is really helpful.

Visit http://www.moo.com now!


Written by Patricia Rogers

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