The Takeover – Networking Event presented by Masconsumption Media, Britt Bites & Millennial Mondays


Art by Vladimir Jean of Era Artist Collective 

Press Release – The Takeover Networking Event

Repeat after me, The Takeover is real.

The Takeover is a networking event happening Monday May 16, 16 starting at 6:00pm at one of the premiere locations in New Jersey’s Valley Arts District; ValleyArts Firehouse Gallery. 580 Forest Street Orange, New Jersey. This is the first of a seasonal event was inspired by the growth and continued conversation on what will make the Valley Arts District pop?! 


Following in ORNG Ink (OutReaching to the Next Generation), this event is an effort to cultivate the young millennial professionals already beginning to make their mark inNew Jersey.  This event is open to young professionals based in Essex County.

The Takeover is a way to engage, educate and excite its attendees about the future, and potential of this neighborhood. To meet collaborators, and build a network, to purse their career in Orange and based in the Valley Arts District.  We want connections to be made, ideas for events, projects, businesses, etc. that can incorporate everyone’s brand and interests. Also finding ways to continue to cultivate the network we have.

Called the The Takeover because Patricia Rogers continues to be inspired by the number of young professionals in the Valley Arts District, and  in neighboring towns West Orange, East Orange, Maplewood and Montclair.  and most of all their ambition, drive and talent. This is a force and movement that can change the world.

This event supports emerging artists and active community participants. For those who can not attend the event, there will be plenty of follow-up material and coverage on the Masconsumption blog. There will also be another event planned for the end of the year. But you don’t want to miss this!

Maximum seating for this event is 30 people due to the small space of the main space in ValleyArts Firehouse Gallery. You can purchase tickets online at 

Although you can also purchase tickets at the door, we strongly encourage you to at least RSVP with Patricia Rogers, . We appreciate this as we want to be able to properly prepare for this event and for participants to get the most out of the experience.

The $20 ticket gets you access to:

  • Valley Girl presentation on the Valley Arts District
  • Food & Drink tasting sponsored by Britt Bites, including Chef Diamond, Chef Leticia, Jeff Dorch and Josh Hewitt
  • Several cool networking activities
  • Business card raffle with specials from local businesses
  • Photo-booth polaroid to take home
  • more surprises

New Jersey’s Valley Arts District is an artist community located on the border of Orange and West Orange. In the 15-block radius is a vibrant neighborhood of creativity, innovation, music, art and more. The next up and coming trendy ‘hood is replacing Brooklyn as a destination for the creative doer. Located on the Highland Avenue train station, thirty minutes from New York City’s Penn Station. Home to Luna Stage Theater, Arts Unbound, Firehouse Gallery, and more. Go to for more information.

Britt Bites is the food blog of the Valley Arts District Quote/paragraph from Brittany about food and surrounding areas. You can visit the site for recipes, food related events in New Jersey and New York, featured restaurants, and more.

Through Primerica, Kirkland and his partners own a small financial brokerage firm aimed to help and educate millennials and young people on how money works, and more importantly how it can work for them. In addition to their website,, they began hosting Millennial Mondays, a monthly networking event.  They developed Millennial Mondays to bring our fellow millennials together and to create an environment of encouragement so people can follow their dreams. We learned that people in our age bracket, 18-30 y/o, don’t really want to work like our parents did because we aren’t perceiving that as success. So we help people reach their career goals along with financial goals through our monthly networking events.

Masconsumption Media is a multi-faceted platform bringing you the culture of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District. Curated by native New Yorker Patricia Rogers, the brand has been the definitive “curator of cool”. Since 2012, Masconsumption has aimed to broadcast the vibrant, and emerging artist community offering events, media services, media educational programs, and overall coverage of the Valley Arts District. This includes Luna Stage theater reviews, event coverage, artist interviews and more.

Patricia Rogers, aka @ValleyGirl_NJ has worked in the community as a writer, journalist, blogger and community activist.

The media organization started as a collaborative effort with ORNG Ink, and as a way to promote local artists. We are always looking to feature artists, and collaborate with organizations, groups, small businesses and individual brands. Submit to the artist spotlight, Masconsumption Quiz, What We Love, and more features on the blog. Go to or contact Patricia Rogers, for more information.

This event is presented by Masconsumption Media, Britt Bites and Millennial Mondays

For more information on the event visit: 

Written by Patricia Rogers

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