amazonI know that I am one in probably millions of people are obsessed with Amazon. I have to take time out and feature the site for what we love because recently they were the true MVP.

Anyone that knows me, I have wanted and really needed a laptop for a long time. Now that I have been getting busier with projects, writing and more it was becoming more pertinent. At this point, I saw it as an investment. I was able to purchase the recent MacBook Pro and more with lots of savings on Amazon.

I was able to get the laptop, 3-year insurance, case, keyboard cover, case, iPhone case, & apple headphones all for $1100. And, that included free one-day shipping.

If I was to purchase the MacBook Pro at the Apple Store, I would have only gotten the actual laptop for close $1500. To think about everything I was able to get the same value, it’s crazy.


I just wanted to share with you the crazy savings I was able to get. If you are thinking about purchasing a laptop, or pretty much anything goes to Amazon.com.

And also, remember to invest in yourself, because if you don’t, no one else will.

Visit http://www.amazon.com or download the Amazon app on all devices.


Written by Patricia Rogers

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