App of the Moment: Swarm/Foursquare


Social media has a way of putting a barrier between yourself and experiences. However, certain apps (at least for me) also heightened them too. For example, reliving memorable moments on Snap Chat the next day. For this month’s App of the Moment, I will share why Swarm and Foursqaure make me want to go everywhere!

I’ve been using Foursqaure, which for some reason divided into two apps, Swarm since college. Maybe since 2010. It is similar to Yelp, and pre-facebook check-in. I would go to a restaurant/bar/museum, etc. and be sure to check-in. It is almost compulsive.

What I like about it:

  • It is more fun than Yelp. I do not care about giving bad reviews but more the fun of recording the different places I have been.
  • You receive points and badges for the different types of places you frequent, I have gotten ones for coffee shops and galleries.
  • Mayorships for those places I go to often
  • I like that when you check in somewhere again they tell you the last time you were there
  • you are able to share your places on social media

You can download the app here:


Google Play

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