For this week’s app of the moment is one I have been using for at least two years now. So you now how we all have instagram, and until very recently you could only post square shaped photos. For me, I had to choose what parts of photos I wanted to crop out in order to post on the instagram format. But, I noticed on my feed, other users being able to post long, rectangular shaped photos and wondered why. I searched a hash tag under one of them #instasize.


This app allows you to post any size photo to instagram and it fits in proportionately into the frame. I like this because it gives my profile a look because of the borders:


Using Instasize helps me post full length photos of myself and promotional material. You can get creative with how you post photos on your instagram. You can put the time and energy in like celebrity, Jaden Smith:


If you have been having the same issue posting different sized photos or you do not like the new instagram update where they do fit them download instasize here:

iPhone Users:

Android Users:

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