My sister and I recently signed up for Tidal streaming service and it feels like one of the best decisions we ever made. Growing up, music was a big part of our lives. We enjoyed listening to the radio and our older sister’s massive CD collection, back when that was a thing. Throughout the last five or so years, going in and out of Ipods I have not had a reliable place to hold all of my music. I was forced to listen to Pandora, and made playlists on Youtube. But now, everything has changed. I finally have all of my music in one place!

What We Love About Tidal:

  • Offline Content : We make playlists of songs and download for the offline content. This allows us to be able to play music on our phones while we are commuting on the train and it goes underground.
  • Entire Artist Discographies : We were used to listening to albums straight through. So much so that our CDs would be scratched. Now these songs all in one place, we can play entire artist’s discographies like back in the day
  • High definition performance and music videos : I personally enjoyed being able to see Beyonce performing at all the festivals in 2015 in high definition. Usually I have to search on Youtube for the best quality video someone recorded on their phones. And when I did find a good one it was deleted for copyright soon after. Here you can search videos for each artist including music videos, and live performances. You can also watch them by streaming it live
  • Curated playlists  : There are featured playlists for various genres and for artist’s birthdays or album anniversary. Recently The Beatles catalog has been available for streaming with editorials.
  • And last but not least, exclusive pre-sale concert tickets of our favorite artists (Jay-Z & Beyonce) 

Now, I have been hearing a lot about how Apple Music is better than Tidal. I have an Iphone and already made the choice for Tidal but I want to know what those with Apple Music think.

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