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“I get a lot of inspiration for the #WhatTheEditorWore posts” – Annie Hartnett, music lover, stylish and currently working at Hat City Kitchen in the Valley Arts District


When I first moved back to the Valley last summer I was really excited to be back. But more importantly because it meant that I was able to get my entire wardrobe out of storage. I was able to pick an outfit out everyday again and with a new selfie stick I started taking photographs of them.


I want to see if this could go in a couple different directions, I would love to one day be able to promote brands that I like, make something out of my personal style choices (sweaters, prints, flared skirts, blazers) signature lines, endorsements, you guys know I think big!


Not to mention this allows me to have no choice but to get creative with my wardrobe being that I don’t want to photograph the same outfit twice. Also, an excuse to buy new clothes.

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#ValleyGirlNJ #WhatTheEditorWore #ValleyArtsDistrict


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