A Perfect Ganesh is playing at Luna Stage through February 22nd!


Terrance McNally’s, A Perfect Ganesh follows two lives on a quest for the meaning of life. Directed by James Glossman. Starring Segun Akande, Mona Hennessy, James Rana and Linda Setzer.

Here is the official description:

A quest for meaning in their lives leads two outwardly unremarkable middle-aged women on a rousing tour of India, each one having her own secret dreams of what the fabled land of intoxicating opposites will do for the suffering she hides within. Faced with the women’s despair, who but the golden elephant god could intervene? Fluid in his power to assume any guise, at peace with all things, Ganesha is the spiritual center around which the play spins itself, drawing upon the tragic and the comic, the beautiful and the deplorable, until a breathtaking release arrives for both women at his hands.

The New York Post review:  “Absorbing, moving, funny, and most of all, life-assertive”-NY POST



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