15th Annual Community Leadership Awards: Toward A Just and Beautiful City

Thursday, November 20th, 2014
6:00-8:00 pm
Firehouse Gallery, 580 Forest Street, Orange, NJ

Join us for a festive celebration to recognize ordinary people doing extraordinary things in our community. In addition to a fast-paced award segment, our program will feature creative presentations, culinary sampling from the best local restaurants, live jazz and talented young artists.

$150 Supporter
$50 Basic

For more information please contact Faria at 973-678-3110 ext. 8; [email protected]

No physical ticket will be issued at the day of the event. We kindly request you to please purchase your ticket online using the PayPal button below and you will be automatically reserved as our guest for the event. Hope to see you there!

Housing and Neighborhood Development Services, Inc. (HANDS, INC.) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1986 to ensure that the neighborhoods in and around Orange, NJ remain good places to raise a family. Protecting the stability and vitality of residential neighborhoods is essential to family and community life. Ensuring that is HANDS’ prime mission. The centerpiece of our strategy is to revitalize neighborhoods through the high-impact development of vacant, troubled properties.

Our vision is for Orange, NJ to be “the urban village of the 21st Century – A Just and Beautiful City.” Imagine a city where you can: raise a family, enjoy a friendly neighborhood, participate in local culture, and pursue your educational or career dreams, regardless of wealth or status.

HANDS aspires to help lead in creating that vision by revitalizing neighborhoods and creating spaces for arts, culture, business, recreation and learning. We create and execute that vision in partnership with the citizens and stakeholders of this city.

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