Words really can not describe how amazing last night was. I was super nervous, I did not know how everything was going to turn out. But luckily, it was better than I could have hoped. The turn out was crazy, thank to Heather Jones’ birthday party. It was great to celebrate this night with a fellow creative Capricorn woman. I can not wait to get to know her. I want to thank Mark Lyons, and the rest of the Hat City Kitchen staff for making it happen for me. This night was a success for the zine, Hat City, the Valley, the artists, and life. Marie David and Kat Dolly did a great job hosting, and keeping the flow of the night. Thanks to Ray, the sound guy that worked his magic so that we can have the first hip hop showcase in NJ’s Valley Arts District and Hat City Kitchen. The live music venue of the Valley. This night was about celebrating firsts, change, and the future. I am most happy about how the zine, and the Valley has continued to bring all us creatives together to make magical nights like tonight. The performances were off the roof! Everyone pretty much killed it. Those artists brought it. Shout out to Enigma, Detective Tuesday, Peter, Cienna Jade, Lusive, Eris Dublin, Dannie Swift, Brittany Craig, Capital Ode, Mouse Sucks and SYKEZ, and that crazy Soundbox Banditz reunion did happen! Shout out to Safe2woSay, and Johnny Delight for coming through. Killed it!!!!! I loved my outfit that was heavily inspired by Beyonce. And to top off an already amazing night, The Real Dj Shy really turned it up and everyone had a great time. Shout out to Thatsenuff.com and LadiSav. New York as definitely in the building.  Much love to my Mom, for working the door!

Check out all the official photos here. Shot by Gary Hayes

Read the The Music Issue here.

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