The Takeover – Valley Girl Presentation

The Takeover – Valley Girl Presentation


Learn more about the potential of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District, and how millennials and young professionals can make their dreams come true. While also giving back to the next generations of Orange, New Jersey.

This document will be updated for every networking event, and I can not wait to see how we all grow together! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact your favorite Valley Girl, Patricia Rogers [email protected]

If you attended the Takeover Networking event please give me your feedback so that we can make this event even better next time. Go to

Watch the recap video here:

Read one of the attendees experience feedback here:

Why did you attend The Takeover networking event?: Because I am interested in seeing where we can take this wonderful neighborhood.

How did you enjoy the networking event?: Loved it! Got to meet bit business and art contacts and the discussion was great with all of them!

What did you take away and learn from the event? : I learned that the opportunities are plenty, and that between all of us there is a lot of potential to do great things for the neighborhood!

What didn’t you like about the Takeover and what would you change for the next one?: I loved the vibe nothing to complain about from me

How do you plan to get more involved in the Valley Arts District after the Takeover?: Keep up with events, start networking to help others in the community. Also looking to get involved in the Valley Arts District more as an actual artist as well.

How do you feel this event and network can help your career?: I work in a business where reputation and contacts are key. I am hoping my reputation can get and keep the contacts I make here happy and that we can support each other.

Will you invite others to attend the next Takeover event? Why/why not?: Absolutely! I have a few individuals in mind that I want to invite

Written by Patricia Rogers

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