DREAM BIG! Avery Thompson Brings Down the House at SOPAC!

Last Thursday, September 19 talented teen, Avery Thompson performed his impressions, original music and more at a sold out show, Dream Big! at South Orange Performing Arts Center! Unfortunately I was unable to make it because of work but I was able to get some feedback from Molly Rose Kaufman, who is also his cousin, and biggest fan!

My 16-year-old cousin Avery has been performing for us since before he could walk.  Here he is doing impressions at the Molly Rose Show in 2008.  Over the years his act has grown and these days he impersonates everyone from President Obama to Sean Connery to Biggie.  He writes songs like Balla Can’t Ball (which you should totally download on itunes), raps and sings.  On September 19th Avery performed it all at his Dream Big concert at the sold-out South Orange Performing Arts Center.  He was backed by the world class Dream Big Band that included his proud papa Joshua Thompson on guitar.  Guest performers included Joe (for real Joe), Amanda Barise (watch out for her! she can sing) and my niece Chrissy (who learned her dance that afternoon after driving all the way from Atlanta).  Jamie Fox was the big surprise and it was amazing to see him impersonate Bill Cosby to Avery’s Obama.  But the best part was to be in a theater full of so much love and joy and see my cousin up there doing what he was born to do and bringing down the house. -Molly
This is what the star, Avery had to say about the star-studded evening!
The concert was an amazing experience! To see so many people show up just to see me was an incredible feeling and I had a lot of fun giving them a night to remember. From rnb legend Joe all the way to Jamie Foxx, it was jam packed with unbelievable talent. It was a great night and I can’t wait for the next one.
Here is a video of Avery performing at Molly Rose Show in 2008:
Check out some pictures and look out for the video, coming from 91 Films!
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