Weekend Roundup: World Fellowship Center

Some of the emerging artists, were given the amazing opportunity to lead two art programs this past weekend at the World Fellowship Center in New Hampshire. Words, or pictures can not describe the experience I had this weekend in New Hampshire’s World Fellowship Center.  

Naeema, Cesar, Tyree, Ray and I piled up in Naeema’s car for a life-changing trip. I honestly do not even know where to begin. Thursday morning we got on the road, and arrived at the center after about 8 long hours on the road.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted with warm welcomes and Molly’s energetic spirit. We were joining Molly and her family: her younger sisters Sadie and Gahlia were on staff there, her nephew Javey, Michael Kaufman her dad and his wife. Gamal, an ORNG inker was also on staff. The adorable Malbroughs, Mike Mal, his wife Paige, and two children Bella and Abe. It has truly been a family affair. We all looked forward to volunteering around the camp.

Later that night after dinner the emerging artists, Mike and Molly led the first half our or art program. We presented how ORNG Ink came to be, and how each of us were brought to the studio. This was definitely a highlight because I learned a lot from everyone, and gained a new sense of pride for each artist, and what we bring to the table. And I also realized that it was truly fate, and hope that has brought all of us together.

We then went to our cabin, number 8 in the middle of the woods. It was super dark, and a little scary at first. Then it became funny because on the way there we had running joke that Molly was luring us to our death and this was the start of a horror movie. Gamal was the killer, and was going to finish all of us. We woke up the next day to the fresh air of nature, and the sound of crickets. It was beautiful. Breakfast was at 8:00am and we had to go the main building to take a shower. My wardrobe of choice for the entire weekend was basketball shorts, and my old Jordan’s. Comfort, and self discovery was my overall mission.

After breakfast I sat in front of Mount Chicoro and did some writing exercises. Ray and Naeema helped Cara gardening to pick for the day’s meals. Molly, Bella, Naeema, Ray, Tyree, Cesar, Javey and I went to the pond and decided to take a row boat to Blueberry Island. An island across the pond that grows delicious blueberries. We all got turned around on the water, and needed a lot of help. The scenery however was absolutely beautiful. The view of the mountains, and green trees. The way the sunlight reflected off of the water, and the sound of the ores hitting the water. The air was so


After our swim, we got ready for fun night! Fun night is the weekly talent show. Anyone can perform, anything. Ray and Cesar performed and hosted the event! It was awesome. People performed songs, shared short stories, stand-up comedy and more. It was so entertaining. After fun night we played a cool game, Pictophone with the cool World Fellowship Staff which are all young like us. It was fun. It is a mixture between pictionary and telephone.

The night ended with a going away party It was amazing. The sky was beautiful. It was life changing. We rode bikes fast down the road. Ray and I talked in front of the moon on top of the hill. It was amazing.

The next day, the crew hiked a trail and Tyree discovered a path to a fire tower. Later that night, we hiked there and climbed the tower. This was the facebook status I posted that night:

Pictures or words can’t describe my view right now. I’m in a tower in the middle of the woods, in a fire tower looking over the valley of New Hampshire, with my love Ray Sykes, bestie Tyree Huey, and friends, drinking beer looking at the stars. Moments like these are special and unforgettable. Life changing. Thank you Molly Rose Kaufman for inviting me on this amazing trip.  life is good.  p.r.’s facebook status on 8/24/13

That night, Ray and I decided to sleep in a near by cabin. That was fun. The following day we led another art program but this was more about our actual craft and the purpose of creating. Ray and Ceasar shared new songs, Naeema talked about her photography journey, and I led a mini zine making workshop.

It was great. The circle then shared and donated their zines to ORNG Ink. Now we have a piece of World Fellowship Center here at the studio. 

We filled days with basketball, naps, hikes, photography bike rides, volunteering at the dining hall, housekeeping with Sadie, musical jams, writing, talking and soul searching. We were all so sad when we had to leave Monday. I want to thank Molly for inviting us on this trip. Look out for more pictures from Naeema!

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