“Rhythm” Series, bone sculptures by Tia Jannah

Last night, Kat Dolly & I attended the gallery reception for the self-proclaimed “bone artist”, Tia Jannah’s Rhythm Series in Newark, NJ. WBGO Jazz Station hosted the event and the Jazz House Kids played for the evening. Once again, Tia’s work not only impressed me but made me and everyone there, feel good. There was so much soul and passion coming from the pieces. Paintings of a saxophone, piano, violin, and more music related images. It was the perfect curated show, for the jazz station and the space.

Before Tia arrived fashionably late, there was much buzz around the room about the paintings. Which is what you want, people drinking wine, eating fruit and talking about the art. The Jazz House Kids of Newark played light jazz all night, the perfect touch. I even recognized some of them when from the jazz open mics Wednesdays at Hat City Kitchen. When asked to make a speech Tia talked about how Hurricane Katrina really touched her, and she wanted to make pieces that inspired hope. She chose music because, “everyone can relate and connect to music in some kind of way.” Everyone in the audience was moved, and excited to learn more about the new talent. She chose bones as her medium 2 or 3 years ago, and called it “finding her niche” and creating bone sculptures gives her an “internal joy”. Aww.

I was particularly proud, and inspired because I first met Tia at the Rise & Tide entrepreneur school last year. Molly & I attended in hopes to learn how to make ORNG Ink profitable. She talked about her unique style of art. She also showed the class, pictures but they really don’t do her paintings justice. When she finally brought a piece from her Flower series I was awed. Later I found out that her and Kat Dolly are cousins. I guess creative genius runs in the family.Kat Dolly worked her merchandising skills and set up a booth with more of Tia’s art, hair pieces and brooches made with her bone painted sculptures.

Stay tuned for more from the bone artist in the summer 2013 zine issue, and her upcoming Love Series. I can’t wait!

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