Jeremy Warren tonight at Hat City Kitchen

Tonight at Hat City Kitchen: Jeremy Warren and the Rudiment 


Jeremy Warren and the Rudiment hit the stage with a, “mixture of my upbringing in Gospel, R & B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Jazz.  My music is contemporary, innovative, and inspirational.”

P.R.: Talk about your journey in music

I grew up playing drums in my grandfather/dad’s church in Little Rock, AR.  I received a full scholarship to attend The University of Memphis where I received BM in Music Education & Jazz Studies.  In Memphis, I worked around the city performing with local and National artists.  I received my Master of Music degree in Jazz Studies from New York University in 2015.  Since moving to NYC, I have recorded and performed with artists such as Andy Milne, John Scofield, Lenny Pickett (SNL), Kenny Werner, and Tom Scott.  I released my debut album “I Can Do All Things” June 1, 2016.  The album consists of 10 tracks with 8 composed by myself.  It features my wife Dermel Warren and two guest appearances from world re-known artists Lenny Pickett of Saturday Night Live and Andy Milne of Dapp Theory.

How would you describe your music?

My music is a mixture of my upbringing in Gospel, R & B, Soul, Hip Hop, and Jazz.  My music is contemporary, innovative, and inspirational.

How did you find out about HCK?

I found out about HCK through other musicians that I have worked with sharing their experiences playing at HCK.  They all had good experiences, so I wanted an opportunity to share my music at HCK.

What do you plan to bring to your performance Friday night?

My performance is Saturday, I plan to bring great original music from my debut album and mix in a few of my favorite jazz and r&b covers to give my audience a great variety of styles.

What is next for Jeremy Warren? (Upcoming shows, music, etc.)

I have shows for the next couple of months.  We will be at The Blue Note NYCAug 27th 12:30a; The Metropolitan Room NYC Sept 25th 9:30p; and Club Bonafide NYC Oct 4th 9:30p.  I will be releasing new music from my vocalist/wife Dermel Warren in October while starting production on my sophomore album.

Anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

I would like to encourage everyone  to go out and purchases my album “I Can Do All Things.”  it is on all major music outlets iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and my website  Tell everyone you know who loves great music.  I don’t have the luxury of being on a record label, so we have been working independently all for the love of making great music and touching the lives of listeners.  The more followers, the better chance we can get our music heard!


Jeremy Warren and the Rudiment perform at Hat City Kitchen live at 8pm with a $10 Valley Arts Pledge.



Written by Patricia Rogers

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