I am always looking for new ways to make Masconsumption better. One of the aspects that’re important to me is media graphics. Posters, fliers and that sort of thing. This can make a big difference when trying to generate more of a presence online. I use inDesign for certain publications but when I want to make something simple like the above image to promote on social media I use Canva.

I found out about Canva from my good friend Brittany Craig who runs the social media for Valley Arts District staple, Hat City Kitchen with Liz Adinaro. They told me about Canva and I have been obsessed ever since. You can make graphics for literally anything. If you use social media as a driving engine for your business, use Canva.

What I plan to use the site for:

  • facebook cover image
  • blog graphics
  • social media graphics
  • business card design
  • modern resume design
  • flyers and posters


There are literally over 1,000 layouts you can use, and it is mostly free. (certain images have add-on charges) but the free ones are nice too. You can upload your own images, logos, etc. For those of you, like me, who are not graphic designers this site is perfect for you. Make the best with what you’ve got.

I love being able to share some of the useful tools I have come across as I am working on my business. I hope this helps.


Visit http://www.canva.com and see why Brittany, Liz and I are OBSESSED.


Written by Patricia Rogers

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