Music has a way of connecting with everyone. No matter the genre you prefer, music touches you emotionally. When I am angry sometimes I listen to Eminem to match my feelings at the time. If I want to feel happy I listen to songs like Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, or romantic I put on Rocket by Beyonce.

The music or feeling I like to match the most is when I need that surge of motivation, ambition and swag. That is when I listen to my favorite rapper, Jay-Z. I am inspired by a lot of his lyrics that talk about his journey as a rapper, and business man.

One of those songs that just make me want to go so hard on my career, to pretty much shut down my haters. This song, So Ambitious is on Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 album. I tend to love all Jay Z and Pharrell collaborations. But on this particular song he talks about his naysayers, and doubters. He talks about how he is doing so much better than anyone thought he would be. And what is even more inspiring to me is that this song was released in 2009, and he is doing even better seven years later.

One lyric always resonated with me, “lack of ambition / so wack”. I do not think there is a better phrase that expresses how I feel when I meet people who do not dream big. Another one, “the motivation for me / is them telling me what I could not be”

I think of my squad when Hov says this, “So with or without any of your involvement/ Coming for all of this, respect my conglomerate” Yo, we taking over. Let’s Get it!

Discover or rediscover this song on Youtube!


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