Note from the Editor: Working on Hat City Kitchen Survey with the beautiful Denise Stennett

As I always say, one of the best parts of my job is being able to meet and collaborate with different people. The Valley is small, there are people I see by face and know by name. However, I have not had the chance to get to know them.

Denise Stennett being one of them. I know her from being fabulous and having great energy. Every time I bumped into her at events or at Hat City Kitchen she was always a delight to chat with.

Recently there have been some changes at Hat City, and a transition to a new future. A good thing, as the bar/restaurant/live music venue has been here going on six years. Denise reached out to me to help with a staff and customer survey to get an idea of what the community wants, as we go forward.


I am always weary of change, and have had let’s say interesting experiences with transitions in the valley. But being able to contribute my love and skill of question writing and knowledge of the establishment. I appreciate that Pat sees that with my skills and perspective more than just server are valuable for the move forward.


Photograph by Patrick Hilaire Photography

Anyways, I spent a wonderful afternoon with Denise. It was nice to get to know her a little better. She has a lot to offer our community. She used to run the Dancing Goat Cafe in South Orange, and she tells me that it was very similar to Hat City. It was fused with art, creativity but offered more diverse entertainment.

Those who care about Hat City Kitchen, stop by and try new food and drink recipes and help us better serve you! Stay tuned to for the upcoming customer survey.


Photograph by @da1brownhornet 

I look forward to working with Denise again in the future and see the growth of Hat City Kitchen. Stay tuned for the much anticipated Mardi Gras celebration (Tuesday, February 9) which has been coined by Pat Morrissy himself as, “Hat City’s Birthday”. The facebook page has all the information!


See photos from the past two years on the events page


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