Photos & Recap from Cupcakes & Champagne!

Last Sunday’s Cupcakes & Champagne was so much fun. It was an event that we had never done before. I wanted to do something different than other Masconsumption events, as the kick off for our fundraiser. It was a nice Sunday afternoon, and people came out to enjoy delicious all you can eat buffet, refreshing glasses of champagne, a live performance by SYKEZ and Brittany Craig followed by the blues jam. We raised $203, that starts off our fundraiser. We want to raise up to $2000 to cover our next issue, and event production. The decor was very girly, and a little more sophisticated than past events which I liked. Masconsumption is all about bringing firsts to the Valley and Hat City Kitchen. I look forward to throwing the next C&C which will promote each print publication, and thank you everyone who was a part of it. Check out these photos taken by Ryan Edwards. 


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