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zineTAKEOVER Become a Printing Sponsor!

Support arts & community! Be a part of a movement. Sponsor masConsumption zine, the voice of a new generation of artists that live, create, work and give back to the community.

What is masConsumption zine?
mas(music, art, style)Consumption is a blog, & quarterly zine that aims to broadcast emerging talent, dynamic creators and the underground art scene growing in New Jersey’s Valley Arts District and in New York City. masConsumption serves as the voice for artists, designers, creators, writers, and entrepreneurs everywhere. https://masConsumption.com

What is a zine?
zine: noncommercial often homeadeor online publication ususally devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.

Who produces the zine?
A group of young emerging artists who volunteer as community leaders at ORNG Ink Studio. 19-25 year olds who are trying to build a career in the arts, while giving back to the community. Part of zine proceeds support the artists-in-residence programming at ORNG Ink.



How Does the zine give back to the community?
Part of the proceeds fund programs at nonprofit youth art studio, ORNG Ink. Provides work for struggling, young emerging artists. Free workshops for high school students who are interested in journalism, blogging and fashion. masConsumption holds on to what has made the Valley special, while keeping an eye on the future.

Become a Printing Sponsor!
We need Printing Sponsors! We have been lucky enough to be given opportunities for exposure. We plan to release the Summer issue, Saturday August 10 and the fall issue in mid-October. A POC Zine partner on their annual Race Riot tour around the country. Applied for the Community Supported Art + Design Fall 2013 season, and other pop-up shop events. In order to participate, we need to be able to print more copies of the zine!





We Need Sponsors For:
-Better quality pages for photography, art, and fashion editorial content
-More pages for stories about artists, and advertisements. Giving more artists opportunities for exposure
-Wider distribution in book stores, museums, schools, art galleries around the Valley and neighboring towns (West Orange, South Orange, Montclair, Maplewood, Newark)
-Tours: We need to be to print more copies for upcoming POC Zine presents the Race Riot Tour starting in September 2013, Community Supported Art and Design Fall 2013 season, New York City pop-up shop events, and future issues
-Printing Future issues to continue to cultivate the young art community thriving in the Valley Arts District, support ORNG Ink Studio, and give work to emerging artists



Our Goal
Our goal is $4000, by Monday, August 4.
To be used for:

  • $500 Artist’s compensation
  • $500 ORNG Ink Studio artists-in-residence programming
  • $1000 Community events, fashion show, etc.
  • $2000 Printing for zine tour, distribution, and better page quality and future community launch events

CONTRIBUTE HERE on our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign:

Other Ways You Can Help

Attend community events in the growing Valley Arts District. Save the Date, Saturday, August 10. ORNG Ink’s annual art block party, Inkalicious. 1-9pm 406 Tompkins Street, Orange NJ 07050.

Spread the word! Purchase the zine online,masConsumption.com
Connect on social media: http://www.facebook.com/masConsumption @masConsumption follow on instagram, twitter and vine.

*All contributors will be on the list of sponsors in the summer 2013 issue, and on the masConsumption blog.

-masConsumption team!

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