A CALL FOR WRITERS, & POETS!: short story e-zine

acallforwritersmasConsumption is calling for writers and poets for an upcoming e-zine featuring short stories! The e-zine is called, the ABC Series, an anthology of short stories. Want to be featured? Here are the details! 

  • The content of the poem or short story can be about anything you want, using the following writing prompt: 

Write a poem or short story in 26 sentences. Each sentence beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. Here is an example:

writer, writing about a writer.

Beautiful words, telling a lovely story.

Characters in the story falling in love .

Deciding, that you can’t fall in love with the story, but with the writer.

Everyone can like anything.

Favorite things rarely mean it is meant to be.

Gorgeous moments, with the person is what matters.

Human nature.

I‘m a writer.

Jaded, yes. But I still write.

Knowledge does not always mean you are older.

Learning and educating others varies with age.

More. more. more.

Never stop writing,

Open my mind, heart, and inspired, I tell her.

People clap, but did they listen?

Quiet was the room, but who heard?

Respect writer’s work.


Thank you for sharing.

Understanding between two writers.

Velvet, experience hearing that story.

Whether or not we meet again, I say thank you.

Exquisite experience, I hope to bring to my writing.

Years from now, I’ll remember the story, a 16 year old writer wrote about another writer.

Zestful story.

  • Please send work to p.r. (editor-in-chief) in the body of the email or as an attachment to [email protected] or here.
  • Include the following information: author name, age, hometown, blog/website, social media (twitter, instagram, facebook) 
  • DEADLINE: midnight, October 1st 2013 
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