The Big Music Issue release party is not until next weekend, but I am just getting so excited. The response, and positive feedback I have been getting for this event is wonderful. Some times when you are so close to something and you work so hard on your vision, you think you are the only one that may care. But I have learned that MASCONSUMPTION is growing, as well as the readers and supporters. I want to take this time out to just say THANK YOU. To all of those people who have submitted to the zine, shared something on facebook, re tweeted something on twitter, attended one a zine event, sponsored it, bought a zine, told someone about it, everything. I can not do it without you guys. Thank you so much! I hope that this upcoming issue does not disappoint, and this year the zine continues to follow its mission. To broadcast artists, and creative beings. Give artists work, and experience. A platform to promote and express themselves. All that. I hope to see everyone I know next Sunday at Hat City Kitchen.

Meet the team behind masconsumption, and its partners. 


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