The HUUB and HANDS, Inc. Want to Hear from You! — Introducing Neighborhood Project Grants in Orange, New Jersey

The HUUB and HANDS, Inc. Want to Hear from You! — Introducing Neighborhood Project Grants & Workshops in Orange, New Jersey

I am personally excited about the new Neighborhood Project Grants because it is something fresh for our community. As well as an approach the residents of Orange have been waiting for. I have attended so many meetings about envisioning what is best for the future of Orange, New Jersey. Many ideas/opinions coming out of them. Then years later certain ideas are funded by non-profits based in community development. This is great but, I am happy to see that now the ideas of the community now have a chance to come to life.

That’s right! HANDS and the HUUB want to hear from you! The two nonprofit organizations have joined forces to provide Neighborhood Project Grants (up to $500!), to resident-led groups with ideas to bring people together.

The grants offer volunteer-led groups with up to $500 to support a neighborhood initiative benefitting the Heart of Orange and assistance with project promotion and coverage.

Eligible groups include, but are not limited to: neighborhood, tenant and block associations, community garden groups, and school-based groups. For example, that back to school bbq you’ve always wanted to throw with your block association can get your hot dogs funded by a neighborhood project grant! We want to hear from you, what are some of those ideas for initiatives that can improve your community.

Grant applicants receive help with the application, project planning, and community-building. Grant writing workshops and overall informational session take place at The HUUB. Learn more about HANDS, Inc., a neighborhood revitalization nonprofit organization working in the city of Orange for the last 30 years. And about the HUUB, the outreach program of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Essex. Working in the community for 2 years has hosted such events RADICAL: Orange’s Youth-led Mayoral Debate, Anti-Violence panel, Building Solidarity Potluck Series and Don’t Drop the Mic Showcase, all in partnership the University of Orange’s social emergency response center.

Grant winners will be selected on a rolling basis. Groups much have at least one event in their action plan. There will be 4 cycles and more than one award given. One of the guidelines is that the grants only fund projects and awardees based in the Heart of Orange neighborhood. If you do not live in this neighborhood don’t worry, there are continual plans to be a resource to the entire city! You can view the map here. You can also read about deadlines, guidelines, and link to the application here.

What does this mean for the future of Orange, NJ? Well, our hopes are that it cultivates this culture of “doing”. Restoring hope in those that want to do something to make Orange a healthy city now and for the future generations. Getting the creative and unique ideas from the people that live here, will promote engagement all over the city. #AlreadyBeautiful

You can find out more information at the following links:

Neighborhood Project Grants & the Application



Application Workshops: Informational grant writing workshops will be held on July 20, August 7, August 15 at 10 am and 6 pm on each day.

Workshop Location: The HUUB, 35 Cleveland Street, Orange, NJ

Workshop Registration: Please RSVP for the workshops here.

Grant applications for the current cycle will be accepted until September 1, 2017, and will be awarded on a rolling basis starting… now. The winners shall complete their event by November 30th, and the final report 15 days after the event. 

Funds from the grant will not cover rent, utilities, web hosting, web development, 501 (c)(3) incorporation fees, salaries, speaker honorariums, computer equipment or alcohol.

Contact, Charlie Wirene, the director of the HUUB. Email

#HandsInc #HandsNJ #HUUBNJ #

Written by Patricia Rogers, 


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