Dear Readers,



Thank you for riding out with me and the Masconsumption Media brand and the evolution since 2012.

Neighborhoods are changing faster now than ever before, just like the world and technology. It is time for us to also change with the times.

Masconsumption Media began and has grown organically since day one. Remember when we were a zine? We never had a blueprint or long term structure, we adapted to our community.

This time we want to take a complete step back and do a complete haul, relaunch and most importantly design a brand/organization that can truly be a resource to the community of Orange, and millennials around the world.

I’d love to give more details and a prospective date for return and relaunch but that would not be any fun would it?

I ask that you stay the course, and you will not be disappointed.

Any comments, feedback, urge to be involved feel free to contact me!

There is still a lot going on this summer in Orange, NJ, and at the HUUB, I will continue to keep you all informed via The Scene/Newsletter. If you have not already, please sign up for our mailing list here:

I’ll be in touch!

Best, P.R.


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